Hi! I’m Diawo, 28 years old, husband of an amazing wife and father of an amazing young girl… So, I let you imagine that my life is AMAZING! Thanks to God.

By day, I translate my (crazy) passion for Digital into a “positive power” helping me to care about companies digital issues. I love solving problems and eliminate frustration, worry and all negative emotions in others people who are doing every day wonderful things for their clients! In other words, I wake up each day with the desire to be a better “Fred” than the previous day (note: If you didn’t read “The Fred Factor” this amazing bestseller from Mark Sanborn! I really invite you to do it, this personal advice is a gift for you!).

My key areas of experience include Digital Marketing, Digital Project Management and Web/Mobile App Thinking. I have also been known as Graphic Designer in my spare time.
If my career were a word cloud, it probably would look like this: Sales and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, CMS, Analytics, Retargeting, Inbound Marketing, Social Network, Startups, Project Management, Landing Page Optimization, Website Revamping, Mobile App Thinking, User Experience, Email Marketing, Management, Multi-Channel Marketing, B2B, B2C, Graphic Design, Team Management, New Business, New Partnerships, Collaboration, Teamwork and especially HAVING FUN.

By night, I take care of my health by doing sport 3 times a week and I try every day to be the best husband and father in my home. I also like learning new useful things in my field by reading books and tech news, watching webinars, taking online courses... I am a “professional student”! I try to learn something new in a daily basis in order to do what I’ve always done, but better than I’ve ever done it before!

I think we have enough about me! More interesting, what about you? Don’t hesitate to contact me if there is something in which I could help or just to make acquaintance, it’ll be a pleasure!